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SemiSoft®, in-house development by SHK
SHK is a registered Autodesk® developer
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SemiSoft® Software products are designed to support semiconductor engineering during Fab start up and production. Facility engineers, Equipment engineers, Industrial engineers, Planning, Cost control and Material forecasting are members of the SemiSoft user group.

The SemiSoft® package is a database–client application with different front-end modules which is successfully in operation in numerous semiconductor Fabs around the world.

SemiSoft® SystemMatrix – This application with an “easy to use” graphic user interface shows all system- / equipment- / production relations with detailed facility supply system data. The SemiSoft SystemMatrix is designed for equipment- and facility management, engineering and operation.

SemiSoft® Hook-up Designer – The SemiSoft SystemMatrix software module for Hook-up engineers which generates automated Hook-up design packages including Data Cards, PID drawings and Bill of Materials. The most advanced design and dimension rules and the SemiSoft Hook-up process and document management functions are implemented in this valuable engineering software package. More than 4000 pieces of production equipment has been successfully installed based on the SemiSoft Hook-up design worldwide.

SemiSoft® SubmainDesigner – Design and manage your Main-/ and Submain supply system installation with this module for the SystemMatrix. Piping system designs can be generated easily by using most advanced dimension calculations. CAD documents can be synchronized automatically, supply points and users are shown in combined documents which gives a perfect overview for engineering, design and operation.

SemiSoft® Scheduler – This Module for the SemiSoft SystemMatrix and/or the SemiSoft EquipmentMatrix provide project scheduling and schedule tracking functions. Industrial Engineers and Planners use this software module to schedule and track Start-up projects and generate schedule related reports.

SemiSoft® EquipmentMatrix – This application is designed to support advanced cost of ownership analysis of individual production equipments. All relevant cost of ownership parameters such as capital costs, spare-part- and consumable costs, supply system costs, room costs, wafer moves are considered to generate actual cost of ownership analysis reports. The intelligent capacity calculator can generate comparable reports by calculating the maximum production capacities of individual equipments.

SemiSoft® KnowledgeMatrix – A web based knowledge management system with the latest Know-how in clean system, equipment and production engineering. Various virtual books can be loaded to build up a comprehensive reference book for the semiconductor facility, equipment and production know-how. An integrated search engine and an advanced document reference link management are additional key features of this product.

SemiSoft® ConvertMatrix
– This application is the backbone of the full built-out of the SemiSoft package. A weekly data run collect, convert and calculate data and feed referenced data sets into the SemiSoft database. SHK engineers maintain continuously this powerful system and ensure the very high availability and accuracy of the data.

SemiSoft® SECS II concentrator – This software can generate vector SQL datasets out of raw SECS II export data. This concentrated datasets are used, to collect the actual consumption of supply systems from the measured mass-flow-controller data.

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