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Automated Hook-up Design with SemiSoft®
SemiSoft® SystemMatrix PID generation
SemiSoft® PID generation
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The SemiSoft® Hook-up Designer is the backbone of the in many Fabs around the world established SHK Hook-up Design process. With the SemiSoft Hook-up Designer, many thousand design packages for all actual 200 mm and 300 mm Equipments have been generated and are generated day by day.

Equipment Engineers extracting Hook-up data cards from the SemiSoft® database and communicating via theses data sheets with engineers of the equipment manufacturers. Equipment manufacturers review the preconfigured data in close communications with the client equipment engineers. The data cards can be imported very easy into the SemiSoft database.

In the next step Hook-up Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (PID) can be generated automatic with just a few clicks, by using the powerful intelligent and field tested engineering functions of the HookUp-Designer.

The SemiSoft® HookUp-Designer has functions for all known engineering tasks including the delicate tasks such as pressure drop line sizing the correct selection of Materials, Drain- or Exhaust systems, the selection of gas detection heads or the definition of correct breaker sizes and cabling schematics.

Integrated feedback functionality help to capture all aspects of a high-quality Hook-up design. Value engineering functionality help to generate most advanced schematics and invest exactly at the right point.

A document management and revision management system is part of this powerful software package. Many additional powerful functions supporting a most efficient engineering and collaboration process.

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