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SemiSoft®, the SHK Software package for hi-tech engineering
Documents are available in PDF
We collaborate by using eDrawings
TeamViewer for online presentations and team work
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TeamViewer for online presentation and support

Use this software tool for presentations or support purposes:
Click here, to download the file
EXE-file, size 1.654 KB

Find press releases and SemiSoft® information brochures at our SHK Website.

The SemiSoft® in the press
FUTURE FAB International Issue 13 - Fab Construction:
"Efficient 300 mm Start Up"
PDF-File, Size 2.468 KB
Press Release:
"SemiSoft® at Infineon"
PDF-File, Size 34 KB

The SemiSoft® Information Brochures
SemiSoft® Information paper:
"Optimum Start-up with SemiSoft®"
PDF-File, Size 38 KB
SemiSoft® Information paper:
"Keeping control of costs with SemiSoft®"
PDF-File, Size 105 KB
SemiSoft® Information (German language):
"Die SemiSoft® KnowledgeMatrix"
PDF-File, Size 332KB
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