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SemiSoft®, the SHK Software package for hi-tech engineering
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SHK engineering services and products cover the full bandwidth in Main- and Submain engineering and design as well as the complete scope of Hook-up engineering and design.

From detail to global and back to detail – the SHK approach is to understand every detail of an engineering task and generate total and summary figures based on detailed single data. We use benchmark figures only for the validation of engineering results and not as the relevant data source as we have learned, that every project is unique and every task has its special requirements.

By using our in-house developed SemiSoft® software SHK can handle large data volumes and generate very fast and most efficient engineering calculations, schematic diagrams, matrix reports, real-size 3D models as well as all kind of high quality technical drawings. The database link of the deliverables is the success factor of the result delivery in extremely high quality and shortest possible time.

SHK has developed most advanced value engineering concepts. In numerous projects we have proven that our compensation was only a fractional amount of the identified and achieved cost savings. We offer to work on shared saving basis.
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