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We at SHK believe that high quality Hook-up Design is the key factor for fast Hook-up projects and Hook-up is the most important key factor for the fast start-up of a new Fab. As the initial investment for a new Microelectronics Fab is getting higher, the Hook-up task is more important then ever for successful Fab start-up projects.

SHK has developed the probably most efficient Hook-up design and installation process. SHK was the responsible Hook-up engineering and design consultant for the latest 200mm and 300mm start-up projects which have set speed and cost benchmarks in the semiconductor industry.

The SHK Hook-up design and installation process is based on most actual and precise equipment- and supply system data. SHK engineers work in close communication with equipment- facility- and equipment manufacturer engineers. The SemiSoft® software is our key factor for the successful SHK approach. The SHK value engineering design rules and typicals have set industry standards.

SHK offer full Hook-up engineering and design range from basic data definition, such as typicals, sizing rules, material- and component selection to Hook-up Book generation including schematics and installation drawings until Tender package generation and cost control.

All difficult Hook-up engineering and design jobs are part of the SHK Hook-up program: Local abatement- and gas detection concepts, Drain- and Exhaust assignment rules, UPS assignment rules, equipment foundation design, compact floor- and Subfab panel design, advanced space management concepts, tagging and labeling rules.

The SemiSoft Hook-Up Designer at work

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